As a leading authority in children's designer clothing for over three decades, our brand recognizes fashion as a conduit for freedom and self-expression. Our vision has always been to stimulate children's imagination and creativity by offering exquisite, aspirational fashion from the most sought-after luxury designers, encouraging them to explore and develop their unique sense of style.


Childsplay Clothing is a family-run business that originated from an idea to offer luxury branded children's clothing. The family had a clear vision to sell high-end kids' fashion in Ilford, Essex, and worked diligently to establish connections within the luxury children's clothing market. Drawing inspiration from a television advertisement and other aspirations, they identified a gap in the market and added unique elements to their business. This was just the start of their success story.


Childsplay Clothing has evolved significantly since its inception, starting from a small warehouse and expanding into a luxurious boutique-style store. As a family-run business, they have worked tirelessly around the clock, 24 hours a day, to continuously develop and evolve their mission.


The family business's well-established clientele of fashion brands helped to fuel their growth, and they continued to expand. They built new modern offices and a warehouse, which provided a workspace that included gyms, cinema rooms, canteens, and more. From a small three-person shop, they grew into a successful online business, expanding beyond their physical store.

2023 - WHAT’S NEXT

Childsplay Clothing has entered a new phase of growth and has become a leader in children's clothing. The business is driven by a deep understanding of its customers, with a focus on passion, love, and attention to detail in all aspects of the company. Their aim is to improve in all areas, from marketing and design to product development and customer experience, ensuring that they consistently provide the best possible service to their customers. Childsplay Clothing is only at the beginning of their growth journey, and there is much more to come.